Essentia Health recognizes the MNA as the union representing 250 nurses at Essentia Health-St. Joseph Medical Center.  Essentia Health is committed to working through the usual process of bargaining in good faith to come to a mutually agreeable contract.

There is currently no bargaining underway.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below is a representative sample of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the bargaining process and what it means for MNA and Essentia Health.

The current Brainerd agreement covers more than 250 nurses at Essentia Health–St. Joseph’s Medical Center.

We are glad to announce that Brainerd nurses represented by the Minnesota Nurses Association voted on Tuesday, February 14, to approve a new labor agreement with Essentia Health. The three-year contract covers about 250 nurses working at Essentia Health-St. Joseph Medical Center.

The agreement benefits our valued nurses and allows us to continue providing high-quality care close to home for the patients we are privileged to serve in Brainerd and the surrounding communities.

Our MNA agreement in Brainerd expires on October 31, 2025.

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